Photography: My creative outlet, memory and therapy.

The images are the results of intuition, inspiration, vision, luck, coincidences, daydreaming, imagination, observation, serendipity, anticipation, investigation, contemplation, experimentation, previsualization, curiosity, obsession, after-thoughts ...

 Me: An amateur who’s passion for photography has turned into a way-of-life.


I was born during the same year (1952) Aperture was founded and the first issue of Aperture Magazine was published.

I started to photograph during the same year (1970) the first Rencontres internationales de la photographie d’Arles (now Rencontres d’Arles) took place in Southern France.

When I moved to Luxembourg in 1980, I first lived in the commune where Edward Steichen (March 27, 1879 - March 25, 1973), Luxembourgish American photographer, MoMA Director of Photography, was born.